In 2007 we decided to form a paranormal research group SJPZ South Jersey Paranormal Zone. We used this name for quite sometime before having to stop using the name do to likeness rights of another group. We soon changed the name to Precision Paranormal. Since 2007 the group has had a revolving door of members but there have been a few mainstays. We did many investigations over the years covering: North and South Jersey and Pennsylvania. We took a few years off due to life changes and busy schedules, but we are back and we are ready to do what we do best. We look forward to helping you out. Our motto is….. one team, one passion, one mission, to prove the unproven, to see the unforeseen and to give validation. Precision Paranormal


Precision Paranormal is here to help people residential and businesses alike with any concerns pertaining to the paranormal. We are professional and well equipped to do a proper paranormal investigation. Our services are free of charge and we will do everything within our power to give you the answers you need.