Logan Township Residence

In this video clip, investigators Mike, Jay & Steph just finished the first part of the investigation and were heading to command to take a break, when an anomaly appears at the top of the screen and slowly moves down and goes out of frame at the bottom left of the screen.


In this video clip, investigators Mike, Jay & Steph were investigating the basement, when an anomaly passes from the left to the right of the screen before going out of the frame. What makes this clip interesting, is that the anomaly blocks out the background objects in the beginning of the clip and towards the end becomes translucent.


In this video clip, investigator Mike is setting up a full spectrum camera on a chair to film a seismometer, which was on the floor in front of him. At the 7 second mark the DVR camera that is filming him moves significantly.


The sound you are about to hear was caught on two different voice recorders simultaneously. The first part of this clip was in the basement, in which there were no members of the team investigating at the time. The sound happens at the 4 second mark. The second part of this recording was caught on the first floor 360 recorder, and there were three members of our team Jim,Jay & Steph  investigating. You will hear the sound again, but not as loud at the 11 second mark. The sound heard in the clip were only heard once the whole night and only through the recorders and was not audible in real time. The client has stated they have never experienced this sound before or since the investigation.


This clip was caught in the basement. The voice recorder was sitting on a ping pong table. This sound was caught during a break during the investigation. Nobody was in the building at the time. We believe we caught the sound of a ping pong ball being hit very hard. The sound takes place at the 2 second mark.


This next clip is a mash up of a bunch of sounds heard throughout the night on the 2nd floor Tascam recorder. Some were heard audibly and others were only heard through the recorder during evidence review. The sounds heard were bangs, footsteps, clicks and the sound of a 55 gallon drum being hit. Also at the end of the clip, you will hear a sound in the background 2 different times as investigator Jim is doing an EVP session.  


This next clip is a mash up of sounds heard throughout the night on the Zoom 360 recorder on the first floor. A lot of these sound were also heard on the Tascam recorder from the previous clip.  


In this next clip investigator Jim was doing an EVP session in the front living room, along with investigators Steph & Jay. At the 10 second mark we catch an EVP, which we believe sounds like a growl. 


In this clip, investigator Jay was doing an EVP session, along with investigators Jim & Steph in the back living room. At the 11 second mark we believe we caught an EVP of a voice saying “Come On.”    


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