Southern Mansion Inn

First a bit of history on the old Inn. Southern Mansion is a well loved Cape May bed & breakfast with a rich history. In 1863 the Philadelphia industrialist, George Allen, built an American villa of bracket, post and beam on the island of Cape May. He chose the location because it was South of the Mason-Dickson line and it allowed him to do business with both Confederate and Rebel soldiers during the Civil War. Designed by the internationally acclaimed architect Samuel Sloan, and constructed by Henri Phillipi. This seaside palace was used by Allen and his descendants as a country estate for the next 83 years. In 1946, George Allen’s niece, Ester Mercur, and her husband were the last of Allen’s family to call the mansion home. Ester loved the mansion, and when she died, her husband, Ulysses couldn’t bear to be there without her. Esthers husband, Ulysses, sold the estate with all its furnishings for the pittance of $8,000.


In this clip investigators Angela and Tracey were doing an EVP session in Esthers room on the second floor. Investigator Angela asks “We’ve heard from a lot of people, that you roam the whole entire house…….are you in this room tonight?” At the 9 second mark you hear an entity “groan” followed by a direct answer saying “certainly” in which we believe  is Esther at the 13 second mark.


In this clip, investigators Jim and Tracey were doing an EVP session in the basement. Investigator Jim is setting the digital voice recorder when you hear an EVP of a civil war soldier answer him “yes sir” at the 22 second mark. What makes this clip so intriguing is that all though you don’t  hear it in this clip, Investigator Jim makes it known to the entity prior to the EVP that was caught, that he himself was in the military and served  during vietnam. So the  “yes sir” EVP makes that much more sense.

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