In 2007, I had my first experience with the paranormal. After watching the show Ghost Hunters week in and week out, I decided that paranormal research was something that intrigued me. Armed with a Sony cybershot camera, a Sony digital voice recorder and a digital thermometer, I decided to have a go at paranormal research. Although I was very skeptical and had no real prior experiences I had to give it a shot. So, standing in front of my grandfathers resting place I did an EVP session. It was sometime after midnight and there was nobody else around. While doing my EVP session, I talked to my grandfather and as I was doing so my digital camera froze and I caught an EVP of my grandfather saying my name. From that point I was hooked.  I decided to form a paranormal research group which was called South jersey paranormal zone AKA as “SJPZ” we used this name for quite sometime before having to stop using the name do to “supposed” likeness rights of another group which is another story in itself. We soon changed the name to Precision Paranormal. Since 2007 the group has had a revolving door of members but there have been a few main stays Jim, Angela, Jay, and Dave, and recently adding our newest member Stephanie. We did many investigations over the years covering: North & South Jersey, Pennsylvania & Delaware. We took a few years off due to life changes, raising kids and busy schedules. But now we are back and we are ready to do what we do best. We look forward to helping out anyone in need pertaining to the paranormal.